Tips to prepare your ski vacations

A successful vacation depends on good organization. This is true whether you choose to go to the beach, the mountains or to ski. For the winter vacations, the ski trip remains the essential activity. Follow our guide to prepare your getaway.

Remember to book in advance: accommodation, ski lessons, etc.

Once you've chosen your ski resort and your vacation spot, you'll need to work out the details. The first thing to do is to book your accommodation. Making reservations at the last minute is a source of stress and disappointment. If you plan ahead, you will be able to stay in a hotel that meets your requirements, your expectations and, above all, your budget. Click here to choose your accommodation type. If possible, book in advance all the services you will need on site: ski equipment, ski lessons, nurseries for the little ones and many others. During the high season, there is usually an increase in the prices charged by the professionals in the sector. Sometimes these services are no longer available due to high demand. In short, by booking early, you will win on all levels: more choices, reasonable prices, less stress.

Be meticulous when preparing: suitcase, ski equipment, car check...

For the best ski vacations, remember to take everything you need with you. Suitable clothes, toiletries, sun cream, magazine, MP3 player, children's games are the essentials. To avoid forgetting anything, the best way is to make a checklist. You can optimize your time by letting your children pack their own suitcase. All you have to do is check everything a few days before the big departure. An essential thing during a ski vacation is the first aid kit and medicines. They will allow you to better manage small incidents on the road or during the activities. If you have your own ski equipment, don't forget to have it checked. To get to a ski resort, the car is probably the most practical means of transportation. Before you leave, don't forget to take your car to the garage for a thorough check. Inform your garage that you are going to use snowy tracks, he will be able to find the elements to check: tires, brakes, engine, lighting, air conditioning... Insurance is also an important point to consider. If the sliding activities are taken into account in your contract, you can leave with peace of mind. If this is not the case, think about taking out insurance. This is an additional guarantee in case of an incident during your ski trip. It is wiser to take all the necessary precautions.

Do simple exercises to improve your physical condition

Skiing is a very athletic activity. A good physical preparation is therefore necessary before leaving. The points to work on are the muscular reinforcement and the cardio-vascular rhythm. For sports sessions, it is not necessary to go systematically to a club. Simply prefer walking before or after office hours, using the stairs instead of the elevator, a few hours of jogging on weekends and many others. A good physical preparation will allow you to be more comfortable on the track. Moreover, your body will better resist to shocks and various incidents during the practice of skiing. Once on the slope, you must follow the safety instructions to the letter: non-skiable slopes, dangerous zone... If you are going with your family, keep an eye on your children. Indeed, with wetsuits, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the little ones.

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