Ski rentals

With family or friends, book your ski vacations

Every year, winter vacations are eagerly awaited by many children… And by their parents! Synonymous with long descents on the slopes, snowshoeing in snowy forests and beautiful evenings in high altitude restaurants, ski holidays are a must to create unforgettable…

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Book a ski vacation rental

The country has many ski resorts, some as beautiful as others. Where to go this year to enjoy the snow with your family? Discover different tips in this article to book your ski vacations. When to book your ski vacations?…

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Introduction to winter sports: Who to call?

Winter is the coldest season of the year. Unlike summer, most people want to get warm, gather around a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and are not in the mood for sports. However, taking up winter sports offers…

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How to organize a residential seminar in the mountains?

The mountain is a nature rich in ecosystems. So, if you want to enjoy an attractive setting to delight your guests, don’t hesitate to opt for a little mountain getaway. You just need to finish the preparations in time because…

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