How to organize a residential seminar in the mountains?

The mountain is a nature rich in ecosystems. So, if you want to enjoy an attractive setting to delight your guests, don't hesitate to opt for a little mountain getaway. You just need to finish the preparations in time because if you forget something, it is a bit difficult to find a supermarket. Finish the seminar organization in time so that you don't have to worry about anything when you get there.

Preparations before the event

For a successful ski seminar, define your objectives and choose your targets carefully. If it is for a residential seminar, do not hesitate to study the particularities of your purpose beforehand. They will condition the decisions you will make during all the preparations. You must decide on the theme and the format that you will use. The goal is to keep your audience's attention and to motivate them when there is a participation to be made. Analyze all possible options for the date. Plan a free time to attract more participants, for example, during the weekend, on holidays, on days of sporting events... Then, define the budget that you will mobilize for the organization of the seminar. It will condition the money you will spend for the themes and the decoration... but also the comfort during the little escape of your guests. As for the choice of the place, check with your own eyes that the place is spacious enough to receive all the participants. Don't just rely on an image on the internet or a picture on a brochure, take the trouble to move around so you don't have any unpleasant surprises on the day. When you are on site, you can ask for the estimate, this will allow you to confirm your reservation. So, well before the event, make a simple and clear schedule with margins to avoid confusion during the seminar in the mountains. List everything you have to prepare, everything you have to do on the day and everything you have to do after the seminar in the Alps. In the same way, communicate to all your guests the planned program with the break times during the day. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, do as much rehearsal as possible. Your timing should be in sync with the schedule you have set up. offers more information.

The comfort of the participants

During the little trip to the mountains, your guests need a few things to make them feel comfortable. The most important is transportation. If you want a successful ski team building, opt for a public transportation. This way, the participants will create a complicity from the start. It's more friendly and it's already an important point for the familiarization. If possible, book a bus with a comfortable interior to transport them, like a shuttle from their home and to bring them back when it is over. Catering is also an important point. Make sure your guests have something to eat when they get hungry. The restaurant should not be too expensive, it should be affordable to everyone. After all, your guests may not be rich people who can afford everything they want. The food served should be of good quality and quantity. The participants should be satisfied with the service offered. In this way, consider the needs of each guest, note if there are some people who follow specific diets: vegans ... Finally, do not forget the drinks that will accompany the dishes and those they will drink during your intervention when they are thirsty.

Accommodation and activities

For a team building in the mountains, the accommodation is a key factor to satisfy the guests. The mountain is an ideal place to stimulate team spirit, but what happens there could be the opposite when it is poorly organized.  Choosing a hotel is more suitable for guests to be received in comfortable rooms, if it is for a weekend or if you are going to organize a seminar of at least two days. However, it should be located within a few meters of your meeting room.  As far as activities are concerned, they should be well in advance. You should never rely on your momentary creativity. Study the activities that will have a good influence on your teams. For example, you can choose treasure hunts, giant frescoes, spa sessions... The goal is that everyone finds their taste.

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