Cheap family ski vacations

To spend a cheap family ski vacation, you just need to use some tips such as: choose a cheap ski resort, go to a less expensive mountain range, or reduce the costs of family accommodation, while sharing a large family home with friends.

Choosing a cheap ski resort

For a family ski vacation, it is advantageous for you to choose a village resort for your family. A village resort is a small resort that does not have many ski slopes but often has great amenities to appeal to families. It is ideal if you want to have a cheap family ski vacation, especially if you have children who are learning to ski. You save on the price of the ski pass, and on the accommodation. And you gain in conviviality and often in animations for families.

Go to a lesser-known massif

The Queyras and the Pyrenees are less popular than the Northern Alps. Most people want to go to Savoie and Hautes Savoie, which are famous for their big resorts, and the prices are fixed by supply and demand.  By choosing lesser known massifs, you will benefit from advantageous rates on resorts which do not have to be ashamed of their performance and which really make efforts to welcome families with young children, their main clientele. This is well suited for your family ski vacation.

Reduce the cost of family accommodation in the mountains

Share a large family accommodation with friends. Another way to avoid spending too much on your mountain vacation is to choose larger accommodations. By going with family friends and sharing the cost of the rental, you can significantly reduce the budget. There are even accommodations that can accommodate up to 10 people or more. However, it is important to choose the friends who are going to share the accommodation with you, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. Another tip: stay with friends living in the mountains. It's a good way to avoid burdening your leisure budget with the cost of accommodation; it's ideal for your cheap family ski vacations. You can also have your children ski for less, by taking advantage of free ski passes. Up to 6 years old, most resorts offer free ski passes to children.

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