Cheap ski weekends

Going on a cheap ski trip has never been so easy. For two days, two nights, you will ski down the slopes, enjoy a fondue, taste the intoxicating cinnamon mulled wine, and make a real break worthy of a real vacation by breathing the fresh, pure and invigorating air of ski resorts.

Cheap ski weekend

Before, you didn't have a vacation. Now, you have the possibility of a ski escape, between snow and sensation, emotion and contemplation. You will find yourself in the heart of the snowy mountains. Between relaxation and the great white, you will exult! You can choose between the Southern Alps, the Northern Alps, the Vosges and the Pyrenees. Choose the resort closest to your city, go by train or carpool to reduce your costs. Your all-inclusive ski weekend is: accommodation, ski pass and ski equipment; or: accommodation and ski pass, or only your accommodation.

Take advantage of the chic resorts

The principle of the ski weekend is economical and the most chic resorts are therefore affordable for this particular break. A top 10 of ski resorts allows to evaluate the current trends and the resorts that are popular, either for the quality of their facilities, or for the skiable area, or for the elegance of the resort. We can mention for example Courchevel or Megève among the so-called high-end ski resorts. Other resorts, less expensive or less known, because they are smaller, also enjoy a cachet, which will give your stay an unforgettable charm like Chamonix or Serre Chevalier. The time of a weekend, adopt a new rhythm, and enjoy the snowy nature

The cheap ski weekend packages

The ski weekend is a short stay, so simplify your life and opt for a pack that will include several services, according to your needs. Three types of packs are available: accommodation and ski pass, to which you can add the equipment rental included or the all-inclusive pack with food, to leave with peace of mind. In addition to saving you time, these packs will allow you to make significant savings: from 10 to 20% compared to a stay where each service would be chosen separately. A top 10 of ski packages will allow you to evaluate the most economical packs to go skiing for a weekend at low prices.

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