Family ski vacations: book a snowmobile ride

Want to spend an unforgettable ski vacation? In addition to the various snow sports, you can also spend some magical moments by opting for a snowmobile ride. It is a sensational activity that seduces many vacationers. How does the trip work? How do I make a reservation?

Snowmobile ride: how does it work?

Snowmobiling is an exciting activity that has gained many fans. It is an essential activity if you go to the mountains in winter. The speed of these machines can exceed 150 kilometers per hour. You will have the privilege of admiring the breathtaking landscape and breathing the pure air. It's a ride in the middle of nature that you won't soon forget. It is also a good way to disconnect from the world. In addition, this activity is suitable for all budgets and all ages as long as you follow the safety measures. You can visit different trails as you wish, even those inaccessible by ski. If you are spending your skiing vacations in the southwestern mountains, you can perfectly enjoy snowmobiling in the Pyrenees and take advantage of every moment to admire the enchanting beauty of the surrounding nature.

How to book a snowmobile ride?

Depending on the destination, the seasons for a snowmobile ride may vary. For example, if you decide to go to Andorra, you can enjoy it until April 2021. However, to ensure that the adventure takes place in the best conditions, determine your expectations beforehand. First, select your tour. You can choose between a short or long itinerary. Although daytime rides are the most common, nighttime rides are also popular, but the rates are usually higher. However, you are in for a unique experience! When everything is clear, set a date. To book a snowmobile ride, simply contact the provider by phone. Make sure the date is still available and gather as much information as possible before making a decision. Your contact person should be able to explain the activity in detail. In any case, to save time during the exchange, you should tell him/her the desired date of the outing, the number of participants (children and adults), the age of the children and possibly the weight of each person. To confirm the reservation, you should pay a deposit (the amount should not exceed 30% of the total price).

What to wear during the snowmobile ride?

A snowmobile ride will allow you to live moments rich in emotion combining relaxation and pleasure. You will have the opportunity to share privileged moments in the middle of a wild nature. During the ride, you should be well equipped to avoid cold snaps. It is advisable to wear clothes that will keep you warm. A ski suit can do the trick, combined with thermal socks. Also bring gloves, après-skis and of course a hat. Remember to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. You will also need a camera to take pictures to immortalize the moment. If the walk lasts more than an hour, don't forget to bring a bottle of water, at least one liter for each person and snacks for your children. Night walks are also possible. It is an excellent way to discover nature in a different way. Note: snowmobile rides are not allowed for pregnant women and people with back pain or vision problems.

What is the budget?

Many service providers offer snowmobile rides during the day and at night. The prices are about the same. To have a magical ski vacation, you should check the weather before booking, as strong winds or heavy snow can ruin the ride and put you to the test. If you're still a beginner, consider a short ride to start. The cost may vary depending on the route and duration as well as the riding arrangements. The ride is normally charged per individual. Accompanied children are usually given a discount.

Snowmobile: safety instructions

  • Follow the rules of good conduct
Use caution. By coming to a complete stop, making sure no vehicles are coming from any direction and crossing at right angles, you can ride safely.
  • Communicate carefully
It's a good idea to communicate your plans clearly to others. One way to do this is to leave your planned route with friends or relatives before you leave. And, once on the trails, be sure to use hand signals to communicate with other snowmobilers and drivers.
  • Stay alert
Keep your eyes on the vehicle in front of you rather than on its tail lights. When you look at the tail lights, you are less likely to notice if the snowmobiler in front of you is swerving slightly to avoid hitting something. Also, if it's dark or overcast, be sure to drive slowly enough to see what your headlights are showing.
  • Avoid Frozen Water
Do not drive your snowmobile over a frozen lake or river. You may fall through the ice or have much less traction than on snow. Also, if other snowmobilers enter the ice from another direction, collisions can occur.

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